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The Assassination That Almost Was...

THE ASSASSINATION THAT ALMOST WAS.. The First Time Someone Tried to Kill the President In A… Read more The Assassination That Almost Was...

The Assassin From Illinois

THE STORY OF JAMES EARL RAY On April 4, 1968, civil rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.… Read more The Assassin From Illinois

The American Tragedy Murder

Did Life Imitate Art in 1934? It was the summer of 1906 and a young woman named Grace Brown – … Read more The American Tragedy Murder

The 27 Club

THE “27 CLUB” OF ROCK-N-ROLL Weird Tales of Strange Days On this date, April 8, 1994, Kurt … Read more The 27 Club

Taken By Gypsies

THE TRAGIC STORY OF ELSIE PAROUBEK The story of the kidnapping and murder of a young girl name… Read more Taken By Gypsies